Clinical Psychology Fees 2023

Consultation with an
endorsed clinical psychologist
Full Fee chargedMedicare
minimum rebate
Private health rebate
( eligible funds)
Weekday session
(standard) 9-3:30pm
50 min
$250$131.65$50- 80%
Weekday session
(priority) prior 9am or after 3:30pm
50 min
Saturday morning session
( anytime) 50 min
Short clinical
( 30 mins)
$180$89.65 $50- 80%
Short Phone Meeting
 over 5 mins (each per 15 mins or threrepart of)

Home, School or Workplace Visit
( + travel costs) 
$280 per
50 mins
$75 per 15 mins$129.55
Court attendance or reports
full APS fee

Fees for Assessments Reports and Letters undertaken by clinical psychologists

Most popular AssessmentsCharge
Cognitive assessment ( IQ Test)
WIPPSI / WISC 5 / WAIS IV ( test type is age dependant)
Includes clinical history, test administration, report & feedback session
Achievement Testing ( academic assessment)
includes clinical history, test administration, report and feedback
Full Educational Assessment
Combination of Cognitive Assessment and Achievement testing when booked at the same time and combined on the same report ( save $400)
Adaptive Functioning Assessment
Vineland II or ABAS
includes administration and report
Autism Disorder Assessment ( child /adolescent)
Administration of ADOS-2 with child , Administration of ADI-with parent or caregiver , SRS observer form, Formal written report provided and feedback session
Initial history/or screening session’s not included – charged at usual hourly rates
( cognitive assessment also required by most paediatricians for children under `17 years of age when done in combination discount -$250 for WISC )

Autism Disorder Assessment ( adult)
ADOS-2, RAADS-R, SRS-2, as well as a clinical interview, interview with family member . A diagnostic report is included in the cost
Initial history/screening ( psych profiler) session not included – charged at usual hourly rates
Behavioural Assessment
Clinical Interview, assessment of psychometrics using Connors 3 ( children, Adolescents) OR Connors EC ( early childhood) OR CAARS (Adult checklist) variable raters questionnaires (self/parent or observer/teacher )
if required Administration of Tomal-2 ( age 5+ only)
* for those who wish to determine their cognitive profile assessment (as above add $950*)
Personality Assessment ( adolescents / adults )
PAI or PAI-A Inclusive of clinical interview and report
* for those who wish to determine their cognitive profile assessment (as above add $950*)
SEAS Report, other short Special Consideration Letters
*Urgent letters same day requests ( additional $50 charge)
$100- $200

Summary report
(or Letter)
$150 per page
Other Psychological Assessments and ReportsVaries please phone for advice
Legal Reports/Meetings/Court appearance
Private Family Assessments/ Expert witness Affidavit
Billed at full APS rates

We have a 24 cancellation policy otherwise full fee is payable

Positive Insight Psychology has the facility to send client reminders by SMS or email on request . We have a policy in alignment with the APS that 24 hours cancellation is required of full fee costs may be charged. (Medicare rebates are not possible unless a booked session of at least 30 minutes is attended by the client).

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