Clinical Psychology Fees

Full Fee chargedMedicare
minimum rebate
Private health rebate
( eligible funds)
Weekday session
(standard) 9-4pm
50 min
$240$129.55$50- 80%
Weekday session
(priority) prior 9am or after 4pm 50 min
Saturday session
( anytime) 50 min
Short clinical
( 1/2 session)
$175$87.25 $50- 80%
Short Phone Meeting
 (per 15 mins
or part of)

No rebate
Home, School or Workplace Visit
( + travel costs) 
$250 per hour
$200 per 30 mins
Urgent Same day appointment / risk assessment / or Sunday session ( 50 min)$295.00 $129.55$50-80%
email advice/consultation/
$75 per 15 mins

Fees for Assessments Reports and Letters undertaken by clinical psychologists

Most popular AssessmentsCharge
Cognitive assessment ( IQ Test)
WIPPSI / WISC 5 / WAIS IV ( test type is age dependant)
Includes clinical history, test administration, report & feedback session
Achievement Testing ( academic assessment)
includes clinical history, test administration, report and feedback
( when done as a combo with Cognitive assessment -$200)
Full Educational Assessment
Combination of Cognitive Assessment and Achievement testing
( combination of both assessments as outlined above)
Adaptive Functioning Assessment
Vineland II or ABAS
includes administration and report
Autism Disorder Assessment ( child /adolescent)
Administration of ADOS-2 , Administration of ADI-with parent or caregiver ,
Administration of ADOS-2 with child
Formal written report provided
Initial history/or screening session’s not included – charged at usual rates
( cognitive assessment also required – when done in combination discount -$250)

Autism Disorder Assessment ( adult)
ADOS-2, RAADS-R, SRS-2, as well as a clinical interview, interview with family member . A diagnostic report is included in the cost
Initial history/screening session not included – charged at usual rates
Behavioural Assessment
Clinical Interview, assessment using Connors 3 ( children, Adolescents) OR Connors EC ( early childhood) OR CAARS (Adult checklist) variable raters questionnaires (self/parent or observer/teacher )
AND Administration of Tomal-2 ( age 5+ only)
* for those who wish to determine their cognitive profile assessment (as above add $850*)
Personality Assessment ( adolescents / adults )
PAI or PAI-A Inclusive of clinical interview and report
* for those who wish to determine their cognitive profile assessment (as above add $850*)
SEAS Report, other short Special Consideration Letters
*Urgent letters same day requests ( additional $50 charge)
$100- $200

Summary report
(or Letter)
$150 per page
Other Psychological Assessments and ReportsVaries please phone for advice
Legal Reports/Meetings/Court appearance
Private Family Assessments/ Expert witness Affidavit
Billed at full APS rates

We have a 24 cancellation policy otherwise full fee is payable

Positive Insight Psychology has the facility to send client reminders by SMS or email on request . We have a policy in alignment with the APS that 24 hours cancellation is required of full fee costs may be charged. (Medicare rebates are not possible unless a booked session of at least 30 minutes is held).

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